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photographer, printmaker, textile designer, digital collage artist, poet

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Miss You | Postcard Redeem

  • -Fine-art postcard print
  • - Printed on heavy hemp-based cardstock.
  • - Size: 6x9 inches
  • - Limited edition print, hand-signed and numbered by the artist.
  • - Exclusive to holders of Miss You NFT Series. There may be a few minute delay between your NFT purchase or transfer before your wallet is eligible.
  • - Collector will select TokenID they wish to print on next page.
  • - Postcards will ship within one week after mailing information is submitted.


  • Every Miss You NFT purchase includes a physical postcard. The collector can choose to send the postcard anywhere in the world—this means they can send it to anyone, not just themselves.
  • Each artwork is accompanied by a distinct verse of the kinetic Miss You poem. Meant to move through time, the poem may be arranged and rearranged in any order.
  • The postcards are also equipped with technology that allows the collector to scan the card and be brought directly to Story Inscription of the NFT, where they may join the artist in creating an immutable chronicle of their experience with the art.
  • The physical Miss You postcards are a true limited edition. Should a postcard get lost in the mail, it will not be replaced unless another NFT of the same postcard is purchased. The fallibility of old technology—the mail system—is built into the concept of the Miss You series.